Sales and Marketing:

NWA Sales and Marketing involves applying sales ideas and information on retirement plans while developing relationships with investment advisors, investment companies, and business owners.

Grab N Go

GrabNGo is a free program for Financial Advisors to access online library of processes, scripts and tools built to help you acquire, retain and help expand your 401(k) business. Along with this program is a Sales call twice a month on Wednesdays at 1pm EST, if you are interested in joining this call, let me know. If you would like to register for this program, please email Kelly at:

Plan Design:

Prepare plan illustrations to help our clients determine what type of plan will best suit their retirement plan goals.

Plan Document and Installation:

NWA works with all parties from the beginning phases of an existing plan transition or new plan installation to the very end. NWA will ensure a proper plan set-up by:

  • collecting and reviewing plan documents on existing plans
  • prepare Plan Documents which NWA is responsible for maintaining
  • Resolutions
  • Amendments
  • Plan Notices
  • Prepare Loan Policy (if applicable)
  • IRS Submission (if applicable)
  • Summary Plan Description
  • NWA will also assist with Plan Mergers and acquisitions during the plan transition process.

Compliance and Administration:

It is our responsibility to assist with keeping our clients plans in compliance of DOL and IRS regulations. NWA also assists clients through the IRS audit process and IRS Voluntary Correction Program, if necessary. NWA will ensure proper administration by:

  • compliance testing to ensure that the plans are not discriminatory
  • test qualified plans annually to qualify for tax advantaged status
  • recommend actions to pass or fail compliance testing results
  • prepare contribution calculations
  • prepare annual plan valuation
  • Safe Harbor Plan Administration

Federal Filings:

Form 5500 Annual Report is an IRS tax document that is prepared by NWA for client review and signature. This form must be filed electronically with the IRS every year for all qualified plans.

Plan Distributions and Loans:

  • In service withdrawals
  • Hardship withdrawals
  • Permissible withdrawals
  • Severance from employment
  • Death benefits
  • Loans
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)